Introducing AlignRT

The new standard in radiation therapy

Surface-Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) revolutionizes treatment accuracy and patient comfort during radiation therapy. AlignRT employs a cutting-edge 3D camera system to continuously track your body surface, enabling clinicians to precisely target radiation treatment to specific areas in real time. By utilizing SGRT, the risk of side effects and treatment time can be reduced1.. For prostate patients, this could mean spending less time on the radiation treatment couch with a full bladder, alleviating one of the most uncomfortable aspects of treatment.

Our triple shield promise to you

AlignRT’s technology, with its Triple Shield System, is designed to work with the radiation delivery system to attack cancer and guard against unwanted side effects in three ways:

  • Helps ensure accurate radiation treatment.
  • May enhance comfort by reducing treatment time.
  • Can eliminate the need for permanent tattoos/marks on your skin.

Superior Safety

Protect your healthy tissue and organs with SGRT

Unlike traditional radiation technology, AlignRT’s 3D cameras provide an automated safety monitoring system that can automatically stop treatment if you move out of the desired treatment position.

It is so accurate it can track movement as small as the width of a folded piece of paper. And it doesn’t rely on tattoos or marks to ensure accurate delivery. Because of its exceptional accuracy, AlignRT is in 24 of the top 25 “Best Hospitals for Cancer” as tracked by U.S., News & World Report.

Your Prostate Treatment

Knowing what to expect in advance of your treatment can help you prepare mentally and physically.

Before you undergo external beam radiation therapy for prostate cancer, your healthcare team will guide you through a planning process to ensure that radiation reaches the precise spot in your body where it’s needed.

Each treatment session usually lasts less than an hour. Most of that is preparation time. The actual radiation treatment only takes a few minutes. Learn more about the planning process and review “What to Expect” content to be more prepared for your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is radiation used? What are the potential side effects? What do I need to prepare for my prostate treatment?  These are some of the questions we review in this section.

Doctor Discussion Guide

A short guide for conversation with your healthcare professional, including questions to ask; including what to ask about AlignRT.

AlignRT is in 24 out of the top 25 “Best Hospitals for Cancer”

as tracked by U.S. News and World Report

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