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Seeking treatment at a center with AlignRT® can help give you confidence that your radiation treatment is being delivered safely and without the need for permanent tattoos and marks.

Ensuring accurate delivery of radiation is especially important for left-breast cancer. Your heart is close to your breast; in one study, 27% of patients showed heart abnormalities six months after their radiation treatment.¹. But there is a treatment option that can help: AlignRT, used alongside a technique called Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) can help protect your heart.

One thing many radiation therapy patients are surprised by, is the commonplace use of permanent tattoos and marks as part of their treatment. But now many centers use AlignRT® to eliminate the need for these marks and ensure proper positioning.

9 out of 10 of US News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals for Cancer” use AlignRT.

A New Standard in Radiation Therapy

If you need radiation therapy, it’s important to ensure the radiation reaches the right place, while avoiding vital organs such as the heart. To do this, a variety of methods are used to ensure you are in the right place before and during treatment. These methods range from tattooing your body and taking additional X-Rays to using devices that limit movement of certain areas of the body.

AlignRT® is a new technology which ensures that you are positioned correctly before and during treatment. By tracking your skin surface in real time using 3D camera technology, AlignRT® helps make sure that you are in the intended position, with high accuracy, and often with fewer bothersome devices, providing both comfort and safety. If you move even a millimeter, radiation can be automatically shut off until you are back in the correct position. AlignRT® can be used across all cancer sites and can eliminate the need for tattoos or skin marks for certain patients.

AlignRT® is available in 80% of the US News & World Report “Best 50 Hospitals for Cancer”.

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Zagar et al. Utility of Deep inspiration breath-hold for left sided breast radiation therapy in preventing early cardiac perfusion defects – A Prospective Study. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2017

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Over 1,500 Vision RT clinical systems are deployed worldwide, including in 80% of the top 50 US News “Best Hospitals for Cancer”. Over 65 clinical studies using Vision RT’s AlignRT® technology have been published.

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