Introducing AlignRT

The new standard in radiation therapy

AlignRT is an innovative technology which increases treatment accuracy and patient comfort during radiation therapy. Using a 3D camera system, AlignRT tracks your body surface in real time and pinpoints your radiation treatment to a specific area, dramatically reducing the risk of side effects and unwanted secondary health conditions.

Did you know?

Heart Side Effects

Studies suggest that 27% of patients have experienced avoidable heart blood flow defects because of their radiation treatment.

Tattoo Treatment

Radiation therapy often involves permanent tattoos applied to the patient’s skin for treatment purposes.

Pinpoint accuracy

Our triple shield promise to you

Only AlignRT’s technology, with its Triple Shield System, is designed to work with the radiation delivery system to attack cancer and guard against unwanted side effects in three ways:

  • Ensures precise targeting of radiation to only the tumor
  • Clinically shown to protect against heart defects
  • Eliminates the need for permanent tattoos/marks on your skin


With AlignRT, you can be one step closer to confidently putting cancer behind you.

  • So you can have the confidence your tumor will be treated with precision
  • To give you peace of mind that you’ve done everything possible to help protect your healthy tissue and your heart

Superior safety

Protect your healthy tissue and organs with AlignRT

Unlike traditional radiation technology, AlignRT’s advanced 3-D cameras provide an automated safety monitoring system that can stop the treatment if you move out of the desired treatment position.

It tracks if you move the width of a folded piece of paper and doesn’t need tattoos or marks to ensure accurate delivery. Because of its exceptional accuracy, AlignRT is used in 15 of the top 15 “Best Hospitals for Cancer” as tracked by US and News & World Report.

A medical perspective

We’re also clinically recommended

More than 1,900 Vision RT clinical systems are deployed worldwide, including in all 15 of the top 15 “Best Hospitals for Cancer”. Over 80 clinical studies using Vision RT’s AlignRT technology have been published.

In this video, listen to radiation specialists sharing their insights about AlignRT, how it is becoming the new standard of radiation therapy and the benefits it can provide you.

AlignRT is used in 15 of the top 15 Best Hospitals for Cancer

according to the latest analysis by the U.S. News and World Report

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